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      Project Responsibilities:

        • web site design and maintenance
        • Quicktime VR object movies
        • computer-based sculpture painting

      email: [at]

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Judith de Luce

    Professor, Department of Classics
    Affiliate, Women's Studies Program
    Fellow, Scripps Foundation and Gerontology Center
    Core faculty, VRoma Project

    Project Responsibilities:

      • background research
      • context
      • historical overview
      • bibliography

    phone (office): 513.529.1487
    phone (Classics Department): 513.529.1480
    fax (Classics Department): 513.529.1807
    snail mail:

      104 Irvin Hall
      Miami University
      Oxford, OH 45056

Other Contributors:

    Steve Gentle:

    Guy Moore:

    Sherry Proffitt:

      Computer and Technology Specialist, College of Arts and Science, Miami University

      Project Contributions:

        • Photoshop tutorial
        • Photoshop hand-holding (figuratively)
        • lunch at Jimmy John's!

      phone: 513.529.6029

    Dr. Judith Lynn Sebesta:

      For advice on colors we have consulted with Judith Lynn Sebesta (Ph.D. Stanford University 1972, Classics) who is Professor of Classics and Chair of History at the University of South Dakota. Her professional interests include women in antiquity; ancient costume; Roman art and archaeology; and language teaching methodology. She is co-editor with Larissa Bonfante of The World of Roman Costume (University of Wisconsin Press, 1994.) In addition, she authored two of the chapters "Tunica Ralla, Tunica Spissa: Color and Fabric in Roman Clothing," and "The Costume of the Roman Woman." Sebesta has also collaborated with CONDUIT, The University of Iowa, on DASHER Latin Language Software, 1992-1993.

    Special thanks!

      We cannot thank warmly enough Guy Moore, Sherry Proffitt, Larry Downes, and Steve Gentle, all of whom advised us, worked with us, reassured us, fixed things, and always seasoned with their good humor what could have been very hard work indeed.

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