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    Second, we angled our camera at the object on the stool, making sure the object fit inside the camera's viewfinder in each of its positions as it rotated.

    Third, we took the pictures. We experimented heavily with the number of degrees to rotate the object between each shot, as that number determines the smoothness of the resulting vr object movie. After seeing 10, 20 and 30 degree-based movies, we settled on 10 degrees, as it produced (by far) the smoothest movies.

    Next, we imported the pictures (usually around 40 per object) into Apple's Quicktime VR Authoring Studio. After setting the software to output our desired resolutions and rotating directions, we let it do its thing...

(click for larger version)

    That's it! It really was that simple!

    Judith and Guy do have elaborate plans for QTVR though... They are working on producing object movies of the statue of George Washington in Miami's Alumni Hall, as well as one of the "For Kepler." Another project they are considering is coloring each frame of the Nike qtvr movie, so one could spin it all the way around and see it in full color... :-)

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