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    Original sculpture (click for larger image):

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      "Geryon" (Athenian Acropolis, ca. 550 BCE)

    Image Source:

      Photo courtesy of Judith de Luce, 1980

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      Boardman describes this figure, which has also been called”Bluebeard”: “Hair and beards are blue, eyes black, skin yellow; and there is black and red on the feathers and scaly stripes.” (Greek Art, p. 77) The Photoshop palette and the opacity option combined made it impossible to show texture in the hair and still produce a blue-black dark enough to correspond to the paint that actually remains. The bright blue eyes are strictly our own addition, as is the decision to forego the yellow skin.

      For a verse novel on Geryon: Anne Carson, The Autobiography of Red: A Novel in Verse (Alfred A. Knopf).

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